16 April 2007

These Words Could Corrupt You

Not much posting of late. I don't mean to be hiding away and in a testaceous state. Not much time either for titivating chez Cheek these days, but am working on paying proper, passionate attention to the recent addition in my bedroom. I did manage to attend one musical performance last week, which included traversing the vomitorium to take in the great a cappella choral sounds of Emory University singers. As the cockshut arrives, my ears can't avoid the turdiform calls reminding me:

Spring is here ...
Spring is here ...
Spring is here.

Yes, I've been a blag slack*ss. But today's post is inspired by last week's themed words from A Word A Day:

Recently a national-award-winning children's book made news. Any book that wins a prominent award should make news but this one did it for the wrong reasons. A controversy arose because the book included the word scrotum [From Latin scrautum (quiver)].

Some self-professed protectors of human sensibilities felt that the book ought not to be in libraries -- they felt the book was inappropriate for children. Imagine if kids learned a straightforward word to describe a part of human body! Who knows, they might be scarred for life.

Well, this week's words are an antidote for such thinking. These are words that may sound risque but aren't. And if you find you haven't received the newsletter a few days this week, it's probably your email filter working hard to protect you from getting corrupted by these words.


Kristin said...

Glad you're sliding back to blogland--I've missed your corrupting influence : )

Rick said...

I have as well! Although most of the time I have no clue what you are talking about! My issue not yours