22 April 2007

Signs You're An Adult

Scott Adams did a recent post on his Dilbert blag about permanent age. While still pondering mine, it's somewhere south of the currently accumulated years.

I wear cartoon jammies. I seek out new music and don't discount it as shite. I'm friends with urchins of friends and seldom find myself saying "when I was your age" to 'em.


There are milestones I continue to hit that serve as signs I'm an adult. A few weeks back was one: watching the odometer turn over 100,000 miles.

Bought used @ 17,000 miles in the fall of 1997. Have worked from home since, enjoying the insurance discount for the 0 to 3 mile commute. The paint job has seen its better day, but it's paid for and gets me around. The iPod tape deck adapter gave it a new leash on life.

Recent months had me purchase pondering for the next chariot, but I hit two problems. First, that I'm newly particular about the shape of vehicles. I can't find one that doesn't irk me - within or without my price range. And then I met the startling realization that I'm pragmatic.

It ain't broke. Do I really need a new car? Sheena posed harder questions during Cheek Weekend about conspicous resource consumption, and got me thinking.

I'd like to have heated leather seats for long road trips, but I could rent a car for those and save cashola (and have a lesser impact on the earth). I'd like ... well, really, that's all I want that I don't have right now. Then Sheena went and got all unchummy for Hummers.

Happy Earth Day!


whitenoise said...

permanent age... interesting concept. I was reminded a while ago that at the age of 12 I'd once asked my friends if they thought it was weird that we'd been kids all our lives.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'll Paypal you $10 right now to help with repainting it. Please! :)

-Bro Bill

Sheena said...

I still don't want to buy a car, but I DO want to buy a pair of giant yellow gitch to put on the wall, so I"m not really sure where I fall in the maturity spectrum.

But at least you'll make an informed decision whatever you decide, Cheek. That's the important part.