19 April 2007

Slow Down

Robbie Shaefer (of Eddie From Ohio) posted some powerful stuff on his MySpace blog this week:

"Slow down.
Pain begets pain.
Violence begets violence.
Love begets love."

Read Robbie's full post here.

Update: props to CountryMouse for drawing my attention to Mary's post and the fantastic excerpt of a speech by Robert F. Kennedy on April 5, 1968; that would the be day after Martin Luther King Jr.'s senseless and violent death. RFK's words resonate just as strongly now as they did then. Walking In Your Footsteps by The Police keeps tripping through my head. Lessons unlearned.

James, by Mark Tonra

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Kristin said...

From Robbie's blog:
"We look for more and more extreme ways to entertain ourselves, in order to distract ourselves from the deep and honest knowledge of our own souls" "just as with individuals, a country has a collective soul"

Amen, brother.