28 April 2007

More M.Y.S.K.A.: Corinne Bailey Rae

More Music You Should Know About (M.Y.S.K.A.): What Norah Jones did for the piano, Corinne Bailey Rae does for the acoustic guitar.

Singing softly, quietly; a song as a conversation. Corinne Bailey Rae does this effortlessly, and with perfection. If you haven't heard of her yet, avail yerself here.

And her groove doesn't suck either:


Sheena said...

ooh! and Feist has her new album out this month too!

Cheek - I was going to link to a picture I was sure you had here - did you have a pic of your St. Patrick's day green toes? Or was it a Christmas-cure. Or did I imagine it all in Pam's dream?

CheekierMeSly said...

Sheena, that picture is included within the confines of the Lucky Charms post back in March.

Will check out the Feist album - have been hearing some tunes from it on digital cable music.