27 April 2007

How would Mark Twain blog?

You simply must check out today's Dilbert.

Blogging. Mark Twain. Ironic smacking that obtuse slackers can't detect.

Between his blag and his comic strip, Scott Adams tickles my lexuchun and verboseness to no end.


whitenoise said...

Tina the tech writer also does our CEO's blog.

Actually, that raises another question.... now that EVERYONE has blogs and it's no longer cool, does that mean we have to quit?

(Dang. I can never keep up with the cool kids....)

Sheena said...

hee hee.. M'OCC would lurve that one.

Hey Cheek, so are you seething with jealousy yet about my Jammin' gitaway with the Peach yet?

Oh, and all signals are coming to a laser-like destructive density "go" for Winnipeg in early June, should you choose to accept the mission.

Evita the chick dictator and SuperTallGirl are confirmed bunkees.

CheekierMeSly said...

No jealousy here, Sheena. Wish you and the Peach well wit yer rumbeachbumfest. As to Winnipegging it: cloudy, Magic 8 Ball says. Ask later. Tho' knowing Evita and STG are in the mix is temptatious, indeed.