04 April 2007

Death, Canada and Taxes: No Such Things In Real Life?

Comics in this post are from Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley

Yes, contrary to Bucky’s protestations, they both exist.

Forces are at work, bringing Canadians to constant recall. Scott Adam’s post today in the Dilbert Blog, for example, on imagining how reduced U.S. military resources could possibly make U.S. citizens less safe (they don’t). He imagines the totally plausible scenario where "Beer-soaked Canadians start throwing snowballs over the border and won’t listen to reason.".

Like that doesn’t happen all the time? And we never do anything about it. Beer soaked U.S. border citizens are just as drunk, just as deep in their snowball arsenal, and end the day inviting the Canucks by the fire if they’ll just share their better cheap beer.

American dreams, Canadian dreams, human dreams; they aren’t that different, really.

Recent conversation included reference to the SouthPark movie and the "Blame Canada" fake diatribe. I’ve a sticker saying such hiding in a box somewhere that used to have proud purchase on my desk, but since leaving Canadian employ there are fewer reasons to spy it and sigh in agreement. BioAsh’s recent "Enough Already" post certainly blames Canada a’plenty – sick stuff, man. Guess Greenpeace should update their Blame Canada vid accordingly until that policy changes as well:

And oh! my! gawd! The guffaws yielded from sharing this particularly swell xkcd offering with Mr. Pid yesterday produced much needed chortles. I lurve this web comic - it's so damn vivid!

Rumour has it my favourite Canadian will be in the Southeast in the coming weeks (no, those aren't misspellings of "rumor" and "favorite" – those are wacky Canuckian spellings). Sheena may have to be kidnapped for Atlanta revel rousing – her seasoned experience in things music and foodgasmic eats always packs cherry popping promise. And perhaps some cash exchange on the side?


Sheena said...

Current ETA in the city of the world's largest weiner shaped building is Apr 19... return date yet undetermined...but maybe a jaunt up Cheekville could happen around the 28th?

whitenoise said...

Cute, dudette. ;-) Hate ta complain, but some of yer links ain't workin' eh?

gledwood said...

What do you mean there's no such thing as Canada? I've never been there so you may be right. Perhaps it's a figament of massmedia imagination ... Talking of figaments, you must drop by my blog -!!- it's at gledwood2.blogspot.com. It's a diary blog & v different to yours but come by and see what you think!

PS I know Whitenoise! What a small world. He's left comments on my amazing (perhaps nonexistent) bloggue ....

All the Best now

CheekierMeSly said...

Links fixed. Spanks for the heads up. Write my posts in Word for spell check action, but Blogger doesn't like Word's way of using quotation marks for link reference. doh!

gledwood said...

Hang on am I not right you HAVE been by before ... or is that a mere figment on my figment ... man I have figs on the brain ...