27 May 2008

Bring 'Em Yo' Own Dam Sef!

From NatalieDee.com

I baptized another Trader Joe virgin this week - people from off seem to really dig it. As I do. The mission was Two Buck Chuck, but alas, thwartation was at hand as they were all out of white from the holiday rush.

Did score some ummy yummies, including the return of the rosemary marcona almonds and raspberry and brie "fillo" rolls. The latter are way second to the Archer Farms Brie and Pear, seemingly discontinued. The effing ucktards! Target is stepping wrongly there.

I'm crossing my fingers to win the drawing for $50 of free Trader Giotto booty - qualified because I brought in my own grocery bags. See, kids! Recycling pays!

08 May 2008

No wonder I like Canadians!

You cheeky monkeys! Keeping your eyes open 'n' stuff!

From Darby Conley's Get Fuzzy

07 May 2008

Say it ain't so!

Sue Johanson is leaving the airwaves. Discovered her watching hotel boobage tube after work when in Canuckland on bidness. Never have caught her show on Oxygen, where she has a show on Sunday nights. This Sunday will be her last. Check it!

Nothing like hearing about good ol' fashioned - and new fangled - sex stuff from a happily raunchy and guilt-free 77 year old chick. In a CNN article, Sue lamented, "I'm going to miss playing with sex toys." Sue, we're going to miss you playing with sex toys! Say it ain't so!


Finally! The perfect wedding toast!

From Randall Munroe's xkcd.com

Randall will never let you down!

02 May 2008

It's not easy being green

From Tony Carrillo's F Minus

As we know, Sheena is enjoying a Roman holiday. I'm so envious, I could just shit. But I'm enjoying reading all about it. You will too.

My health is just fine, thanks

Randall Munroe's xkcd.com

I augment my bacon intake outside of my own kitchen with bacon cooked by other people (B.C.B.O.P.), and the higher consumption only has positive health impacts.

01 May 2008

It's that time again

Happy May Day.

The year has been most challenging thus far. Too challenging. Looking forward to living in less interesting times, as soon as effing possible.

From Mark Tonra's James