01 June 2007

R.T.L.B.: Don't be an asshole

From Hugh MacLeod's Gaping Void

This Rule to Live By (R.T.L.B.) is actually Erin's Commandment, boiled down from the original 10.

This resonates. There's no cheek factor in using sexually derogatory words - asshole is an equal opportunity offender. Like the other rules, it's impossible not to break this one upon occasion. I can be sorely tempted to return assholiness with assholiness, but I don't like assholes. I try to shut that mess down on the quickfast, as I'm not into self-loathing as a sport.

Now a classhole, I could stand behind. They're often the life of the party.

From xkcd.com.

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Sheena said...

Good one. Reminded me of my Travel Tip #2