04 June 2007

No Weakends Here: Part 1

Serendipity. One of Cheek’s favorite words and favorite things to experience. Had no expectation it would strike this past weekend, but strike it did, all spanks to a blue moon and an errant houseguest and friend of a friend, Slomack.

In town on bidness, he was compelled to stay the weekend to catch his all time favorite band, Cake, on Saturday. Providing bed & breakfast in exchange for a concert ticket seemed fair.

Would not be the first time we’d been concert consorts, as Sheena facilitated that dubious honor in schlepping us along with Pid to see the Legendary Shack Shakers on Tennessee Street in Tallahassee, Spring 2005. Pre-Sheena blog (most relevant post here but perhaps she’ll be inspired to post on it 2+ years later?) But I digress. As is my wont to do.

The weekend began with a Scooby snack chez Cheek: red pepper hummus (addiction thanks to FloridaDad) with Montepulciano quaffage. Then we moseyed down to the Georgia Aquarium to check out the Jazz Journeys action – live jazz, cash bar, light eats, and much aquatic eye candy. Was Slomack’s first visit, facilitated free with volunteer ticket action.

First serendipitious strike: seeing the two new whale sharks, Yushan and Taroko, on their day of arrival. You can check ‘em out as they occasionally swim by the Ocean Voyager web cam. Ran into the PR Director in Tropical Diver, bleary-eyed from being on site at 3:30 AM for the new arrivals but still conscious to accompany wife and visiting family. The giant grouper was Slomack's wow, but that night I was struck by the leafy seadragons in Cold Water Quest.

Next stop: late knoshing at Meehan’s, where the selected fare was Ahi Tuna Tostadas and fancified Grilled Chicken Nachos (yes, it’s true, CarolinaMom – I eat black beans and pico de gallo now. For real! At the big kids' table and everything!). Have never had poor fare at Meehan's. Looking forward to gigging there with the band in early August.

Spied the waning blue moon as I turned in - no snaps, but BioAsh did it justice.

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Sheena said...

Heh heh... Thanks Cheek! But I've done Shakin' blog posts before!