29 March 2007

A Time of Cleansing

Sunday as CarolinaMom and I sat gabbing, the first blooms opened on the fuschia azaleas outside the dining room window. 5 days later, they're in full bloom under a slender dogwood, as spied from Cheek's bedroom:

Many changes wrought in Cheekdom since the trees bared themselves just months ago. The season's blooms unfolding echo my own stretch to the warming light and clearing skies. Lazy Geisha put it in such fine prose, I can't compete. Enjoy it here, accompanied by pink azalea bloomage from my back yard:

"I have loved many; sometimes too much if such a thing is possible. I opened myself and gave myself freely and without question, and perhaps where I fell was in expecting that my love would be returned, and for a while it was, but it is the memory of that love which sustains me and now allows me to let it go, forever.

Spring for me is a time of cleansing. The death and quiet still of winter passes us by, and we rejoice in the celebration of life; and we remember those which we have loved, as we kiss them goodbye and turn away towards tomorrow."


whitenoise said...

She has a way with words, doesn't she?

Rick said...

Great post.

nina said...

Hello there!

I remember writing those words and what I was going thru at the time. It was a very emotional period for me.

Thanks for quoting me and thanks for the kind words.

btw: Your flowers are beautiful. I've been planting recently too, and hopefully things will start growing soon!

take care!