10 March 2007

Color Me Salsified: Another Food Cherry, Popped

Cheek disgraced. A criminal offense that it took just shy of 15 years living in Atlanta to discover the foodgasmic restaurant by the 'hooch, Canoe. Advance perusal of the menu promised choice dilemmas, and disappointment wasn't realized.

Decided to go tapas style from the First Flavors selections. Pistachio seared goat cheese to start - warm, creamy; only problem was its portion size, but that left room for other tastes. Next came a crab fritter from the specials list - 98% crab served on a bed of greens.

Finished with two firsts found in the scallop gratinee. As mentioned in Cheek passim, my palate is born again yet still shy about funky food textures. Previous scallop experiences landed in the ew! bucket due to rubberyness, but I was assured that overcooking was at fault and not its inherent nature.

Perfectly done, thinly sliced, served in a light cream sauce with applewood smoked bacon, crimini mushrooms, and salsify - a vegetable previously unknown to Cheek and her dinner companion, a self-described chef savant. Nice texture there as well – picked up the flavor of the sauce and bacon – yum. Captured the dish as proof for Yville Mom, who *still* doesn’t believe her daughter ate oysters in any form.

Selected the Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese from the Sheena-worthy wine list (no f*cking Yellow Tail, and Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc at the ready!). Dessertgasm realized in the roasted banana cheesecake – graham cracker crust, almond brittle crunch jones, hot toddy ice cream topped with warm caramel sauce.

Looking forward to repeat offending as the weather warms and daylight waxes – the african squash soup with peekytoe crap & lime pot de crème as well as the pumpkin pie ravioli are calling Cheek’s name. *So* ready to Spring forward!


Sheena said...

OH my... I want that next time I come to visit.

I've been suffering down here, Cheek. Though will treat myself to Kool Beans this weekend come hell or high water.

Jenny Rebecca said...

Ah Brunello...had our first glass in Pienza, Italy overlooking the Tuscan countryside at sunset. What a memory...