15 March 2007

The Ides of March

Loved this Get Fuzzy from last year - worthy of resurrection.

Visited the Forum in Rome in the fall of 2005. Strolled along the Via Sacra, thinking of Julius Caesar walking the same path. His Curia Julia eventually housed the Roman senate. Peering into the tall, marble floored structure, tourists whispered. Reverence in hushed tones. Closed my eyes and imagined 300 senators conducting the business of the great empire of Rome.

Took Uncle Rick's advice (that's Rick Steves, natch - NEVER travel to Europe without his books!) to hear the Curia's incredible resonance. Spoke low, echoes bouncing back, then whistled a few bars of Walking on the Moon by the Police. Tourists looked askance and clucked tongues. It ain't no church, people - it was a place of DEBATE.


whitenoise said...

cool ;-)

whitenoise said...

Hey ~was expecting some band stuff by now...very nice photo of you in the bio, BTW.