30 March 2007

Talk Straight

As discussed previously, a new unsuck listen is Chapel Hill's The Old Ceremony. Kimplicated had the brazen audacity to ditch me as my concert consort for their return to Atlanta and Smith's Olde Bar. Wench is in China. The audacity! New recruit accompanied.

Not the turn out they deserved, but an appreciative audience all the same. Was bummed that the strings didn't come with - the cello and fiddle add such dynamic layers to the soundage.

The new CD hasn't struck me yet as a whole, but different songs bonk me over the head during their live performance. This time, it was Talk Straight.

"Talk straight, talk straight, so I can relate
Don't insinuate, please don't mumble

Enunciation and diction are companions in Kernan the Grammarian's druthers bucket. Have to *really* work at *not* pronouncing stuff when singing in the band (Otter and Boone, your Twelve Hands and Feet ghosts haunt me). Malapropisms and misprounciations so very much suck - as discussed here in CountryMouse's recent The Peevies post.

Important too is clarity. To be understood. To be brave and say the tough things, with honesty. To praise the positive instead of our cultural propensity to bitch and moan.

"You may lose some friends, but baby, in the end
It's better to defend than to cower
And as for me
If you cut me I will bleed
But I've come to believe that the truth has a healing power
If you only talk straight

Cheek-captured video was of the suck variety. YouTube not only yielded a professionally produced video, but it's for a cause:
Carolina for Kibera.

Run by Kenyans and advised by American and Kenyan volunteers, CFK's primary mission is to promote youth leadership and ethnic and gender cooperation in Kibera through sports, young women's empowerment, and community development. Additionally, CFK works to improve basic healthcare, sanitation, and education in Kibera.

Check it out now, funk soul brothah.

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Kristin said...

Wow. Don't know what the lyrics were originally about, but having watched this I'll never be able to separate the song from the video message.

Lyrics seem very U2esque to me. Not a bad thing at all : )