28 March 2007

The Enemy's Gate is Down

Cheek already adores xkcd.com - this young bloke is talented, sensitive, and funny as all get OUT! Am anxiously awaiting the t-shirts ordered from the site.

Yesterday I scribed about my favorite sci-fi book of all time, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game. And then I find this on today's xkcd.

Ender's Game should be read and then immediately followed by Ender's Shadow, a parallel novel that delves into Bean, the even younger, even scrawnier member of Ender's jeesh. By immediately followed, I mean finish the last page of Ender's Game, close the book, and then open Ender's Shadow and commence.

Most urchins discover Ender's Game - boys, mostly - at age 12. At age 25, a colleague offhanded it to me after he'd read it. I've since savored the whole Ender and Ender's Shadow series, as well as most of his other stuff. Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus is also a great read.

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Anonymous said...

I just started the series andf I love it. I read enders game-actually i listened to it on audio book and it was awesome. I started reading enders shadow the other day and it seems just as good I am already almost half way through it and I plan to listen to the audio book for this one also. I also read a few of the first stories included in first meetings, except for investment counsel because i think that comes after enders game/shadow. I am already addicted to these books and cant wait to read the rest!