10 March 2007

Happy Ass-Birthday, CountryMouse

Went to leave a comment on CountryMouse’s recent post, but its length beckoned to bloom here.

Cheek’s 40th year is finding that 40 is as 40 does. My Happy Bunny jammies are working hard to supplant the SpongeBob SquarePants ones in most favored status. I get my toes blinged on holidays (flags on the big toes for July 4th is the *best*!).

I'm still discovering new music, often educating my peeps' teenage urchins on good stuff, such as KT Tunstall, The Shins, Mat Kearney, The Old Ceremony, and Brother Shamus, while edumacating my ‘rents on new good stuff as well (Corinne Bailey Rae and Jamie Cullum).

I may not have my earth mother on like CountryMouse and SmashAsh, but borrowing peep’s urchins upon occasion yields a significant return on my immaturity investment. The past weekend with toddler E afforded the first opportunity to Playdoh and to playground picnic since forever ago. Squeezing a fresh Playdoh wad in your fingers is SO incredibly satisfying. Try it some time. It kicks Silly Putty's ass.

Still working on the grand gesture before the 40th next January. Am definitely leaning towards 40 small earthquakes rather than one large one. More to savor.

Here’s to your own upcoming 40th, CountryMouse. Sláinte. And as the Swede schooled me in singing happy birthday: “Hooray for CountryMouse! Hooray at last! Hooray for CountryMouse, she’s a horse’s ass!”.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

"40 is as 40 does"--much deeper wisdom to live by than "god, do I ever feel old!"

Haven't yet decided how to celebrate birthday month. But, I know I want Krispe Kreme. To put that in perspective, it's a 2 hour drive from my house to nearest KK dealership, making it a sufficiently rare and special treat.

Love me some Killers and Cake and Lifehouse. Just discovered smooth, liquid voice of Joseph Arthur. But new fave song--by a freakin' longshot: "Hooray for CountryMouse, she's a horse's ass!"

Thanks for the happy ass-b-day nod :)