28 August 2007

Today's word: Ripe

The strawberries in my fridge.
The litter box.
My occasional potty mouth. Ok. My more than occasional potty mouth.
The leftover cucumber salad.
Other Cheek things that shall remain nameless.
All ripe.


K-Dough said...

Other Cheek things? Hmmmmm...

whitenoise said...

"ready to lay eggs or spawn"?

CheekierMeSly said...

My first k-dough comment. I'm honoured (spelled your way).

I'm not voting for that meaning, 'noise boy. But the practicing for it sure sounds good!

K-Dough said...

Your 2nd K-Dogh (spelled your way) comment:
I'll raise your honouredness with my flatteredness. (Not words in either country)

CheekierMeSly said...

Don't mean to be contrary, but I do believe the 'merican spelling would be k-D'oh!