22 August 2007


Spoda get to effing 101 degrees F today in Hotlanta. I might not be so hot and bothered if I hadn't had a blissful break from the hated heat during my recent Canadian sojourn.

So I'm trying to find things to be happy about when it comes to these dog days of summer. So far, this song is my only idea. What are yours?

The Sundays, Summertime

Bonus for whitenoise, from the Unsuck Covers CD:

The Sundays covering the Rolling Stones' Wild Horses.

If it sounds familiar and you don't know why, it was used in a Budweiser commercial a few years back.

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whitenoise said...

Thanks. :-)

Never saw the commercial, but that version of Wild Horses got airplay in the GTA. It's a beautiful cover.