30 August 2007

Rock Me Youthful

Gig tonight was cool. Laid back, acoustic, 2 guitars, 3 voices. Rain scared the early birds away, but the dinner crowd at a BBQ joint is loyal. They show.

Each time we play a different song strikes me. Tonight it was Tracy Chapman's Gimme One Reason:

"I don't want no one to squeeze me, they might take away my life . . .
I just want someone to hold me, and rock me through the night.

This youthful heart can love you and give you what you need . . .
but I'm too old to go chasin' you around, wastin' my precious energy.

Gimme one reason to stay here, and I'll turn right back around . . .
I don't wanna leave you lonely, but you gotta make me change my mind."

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