13 August 2007

A Sheena Sojourn

10 Things from My Visit with Sheena:

10. Sleeping quarters have more than a touch of her new home, but of Sheena's history, too. The quilt includes scraps of clothing from her family when Sheena was little. Who couldn't sleep comfyly ensconced in that kind of love and history?

9. Sheena has a fabulous snap of her courtyard, but I can personally attest that having a yumfest breafkast catered by the Jungle Queen herself on that same courtyard, basking in the warm summer sun is nothing less than luxurious.

8. Moseying to the many Mennonite-carriaged town of St. Jacobs yielded a bit o' Cheek's own history, in the form of Tavener's Fruit Drops. My maternal Grandma always had 'em in her parlor. Remember parlors? The town also led me to question - how is it that you can't get an ice cream float that's made with beer? Surely someone in this universe makes a Guinness float?

7. Excellent silver jewelry finds at Casa Latina. Sheena thought hard about the spiral necklace, but I'm glad it went home with me. Dunno what's up with me and basic shapes lately, but they're callin' my name.

6. Sheena's sunporch is the best room inside the house. I think I'd replace her chairs (albeit comfy) and table with a daybed and prop myself up to work, people watch, and snooze when time affords. No pic snapped, but watch Sheena's space - I'm sure she'll indulge us soon.

5. Libations - making and quaffing - are one of Sheena's specialties. Granted, she has many. But as her guests arrived she plied them with offerings of homemade sangria and her signature rosemary mojito. Yummilicious! As we segued from indoors to the Jungle Queen's Courtyard, she kept us wet with local juice: Flat Rock Cellars' 2004 Pinot Noir and their 2006 Riesling. (Bonus! Sheena's gams in the back as she tended the BBQ.)

4. Sheena's box is *so* fine. She tried to discount her box, saying it was old, used, and had none of the new fangled features of today's boxes. But her vintage box was just the trick, I tell you. For I didn't mind it missing the slender opening to receive last season's (century's?) input. What I grooved on was her box's ability to take digital stimulation and share it with our whole party. You know - RCA jacks so I could hook up my cable and play my iPod for party tunage? What were *you* thinking I meant?

3. Reading Sheena's blog about her cooking chops *so* pales to receiving her bounty in person. Yellow corn. Veggies seasoned with rosemary and olive oil. Chicken. Simple, and sumptuous. Summer never looked or tasted so good.

2. I'd have never thunk of grilling peaches, much less peaches kissed with rosemary and served with vanilla ice cream. But we know my food universe is small. Thank goodness I've a peep like Sheena to expand it, with rosemary was her unifying theme of the evening. Grilled fruit is so on my list o' thangs to repeat offend.

1. My stay was too brief. Sheena's gravity wraps you up in quilted, relaxed, tasty revelry. I hope I'm invited back soon.


Sheena said...

I do believe that was the night I introduced you to Neko Case and rabbit liver pâté.

And I'm glad you got to christen the guest room. Had a blast.

The Imp ;-) said...

She didn't know about Neko??

CheekierMeSly said...

The night in question was some 2 years ago ... but yes, I was a Neko virgin at the time. Lamenting that I missed seeing her and Rufus this past Monday in Atlanta.

Sheena said...

Got your card on Friday. Thank you!
It was highly appropriate and is prominently displayed.