13 August 2007

How to Listen to Other People's Problems

Scott Adams has turned the world onto an up and coming cartoonist, Scott Meyer, and his brand of fun, Basic Instructions. What I *didn't* know is that Scott Meyer knows Pid so well. I mean, he must be following Pid around 'n' stuff, as he's brought Pid to cartoon life ('ceptin' how Pid ain't bald) in the following:

"How to Listen to Other People's Problems", from Scott Meyer's Basic Instructions

If Scott Meyer isn't careful, he might just lend himself into the jeanyus category. Time will tell. But this brings me to:

Today's What Is Sexy Bit (W.I.S.B.):
Bald heads are sexy.

I've been a fan of the finely shaped pate since my first ACC basketball crush days as an urchin in Virginia. Most such pates are darker in color - I cannot 'splain why the paler versions don't number as highly in the nicely wrought tally, but they don't. But sightings have occurred.

The first one I came to appreciate began its slow maturation to fineness when I knew him in college at JMU. That would be Robbie Schaefer's pate, of the oft mentioned and always heralded Eddie From Ohio. Mind you, now, as you judge for yerself in the snap below, that Robbie's sexyness doubletimes with the musician thang, but I do believe the pate speaks for its own sexy self:

My next appreciation for fine pale patedness came in the form of the Cary Curly Cheese, the Triple C. A former Tallahassee peep of some years, I never knew Triple C when he had hair; but his pictures from high school show the perfect middle part with feathered blondness winging back. Triple C has his own double dose, as Pjayamamama and I have long appreciated his unusual high and tightness. I missed the one chance I had to see that high and tightness when it streaked (struck?) willy-nilly-ly about a moonlit golf course, but those who witnessed it called it fine. Update: TripleC comes through with a snap!

At present it seems such pates are tipping the sexyness scales. Having tripped across one on Canada Day, they are the candy my eye seems to seek. Volunteering at the aquarium has yielded a few subjects.

Any of your own to mention?

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