06 February 2007

Trader Vic's and Tongo Hiti

January found Cheek getting her Kingsized on, and February began with the first Tongo Hiti experience at Trader Vic's in Atlanta. Repeat offenses planned. 2 down, Dames A’flame at the Vortex’s Laughing Skull Lounge to go.

Expecting the music to not suck, the food to be so-so, and $4.50 mai tais to be made strong. Wasn’t disappointed. I think I may have to start Mike Geier’s fan club, if he doesn’t already have one. The band started their ukulele-led, island-interpreted tunage on the mellow side, turning up the noise after 10 PM when some regulars appeared. Joe Jackson’s Breaking Us In Two was the evening’s best.

Blogmother Sheena aptly described the mai tai and dessert experience (chocolate coffee crème brulée, yum). RobinaRobinaRobina joined us in gleeful spying of the Polynesian nudie décor and tchotchkes. Vintage Trader Vic’s loot is quite valuable – who knew? Mugs with nakedness had to be done, as did touching the welcoming tiki carving in the lobby. Tongo Titty, anyone?

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