07 February 2007

Princely Intentions

CheekWeekend closed by joining former colleague peeps south of Atlanta during the SuperBowl. Great spread, fantastic wine. Was rooting for the Bears as the Swede and my brother outlaw were at the game. Conversation paused only during commercials (disappointing, overall) and the half-time show.

Man, what a show. Or is that woman, what a show? Best half-time performance Cheek has in memory. You can't beat the purple man singing in the rain, eh? But the edgy imagery had our gathering suprised it got by the CBS censors after Janet's "malfunction".

Was surprised on Monday to read online that CBS breathed a collective sigh of relief that nothing untoward occurred. Huh? Come again? In case you missed it:

He has his horny self out, his horny devil can spin, his purple horny self out, shaking his tool all about ... he does the hokey-pokey with no malfunction to be seen; that's what it's all about!

Wish they'd broadcasted his pre-show performance that included Johnny B. Good. Or they could have run the censored version of the half-time show instead. I agree with Scott Adams that Prince got his hoodwink on the broadcast censor execs. Schwing!

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