03 June 2008

Shark's Cove

Had grand aspirations to get up early and drive east for the day to Hanauma Bay, but a craptastic headache thwarted me. If not for that, would have been f*cktacularly vexed by the closure of the Kamehemeha Highway for eight hours in both directions. So it's just as well that my slack ass didn't get outta bed 'til after noon.

King Kamehameha, you may know, united the Hawaiian islands and was quite the badass. Or perhaps you know him more popularly from the shout out Cartman gives him in "Kyle's Mom is a B*tch in D Minor". But I digress. As is my wont to do.

My cousin's husband is from these here parts - Mililani - and when asked for good snorkel spots listed Shark's Cove as a fave. A quick stop at Foodland for provisions and snorkel gear (resort rental options were stanky) across the street from the park, and I was set.

Kokopelli was gettin' his snorkel on too.

Sun was gettin' its set on, so I moseyed a bit further west to Haleiwa for eats and a table by the sunset at Haleiwa Joe's. Had the baked swordfish and a mai tai in a signature cup. A non-sucky day.

Update: Darby Conley must have known I went snorking!

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Sheena said...

#1 Mai Tai on my list after a similar solo taste-testing contest from Honolulu harbour to Waikiki Beach was Don Ho's Bar & Grill right near where all the oil tankers were in Honolulu.

#2 is of course... Atlanta Trader Vics...