09 June 2008

Get your airboat on!

Accompanied the 'rents to a shindig put on for an association end of year thang. Am feeling quite stoopid that I never knew you could take an airboat ride in these here parts to traipse around the St. John's River. Yes, you can, at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp.

Here's the ride heading north from SR-520:

Many gators sighted, we stopped to spy one up close and personal.

Last bit of the half hour ride was South of 520 to Lake Poinsett.

Post-ride eats at the fish camp included fried cat fish, baked tilapia, slaw & beans, and yummilicious hush puppies. Seafood *always* comes with hush puppies. Northern climes often uck this up.

News to me in Southern styles is a Bloody Mary served, not with a stalk of celery, but with - ew! - a pickle. Cheek swoonage ensued, and not in a good way.

Head still spinning from the pickle ick factor, upon departure we spied the requisite Southern entreaty to return. Grrr ... Kernan the Grammarian's bile rose. Move that apostrophe, I do dee-clayuh!


Whitenoise said...

Did y'all get filmed for any Kia commercials? Iiii...eeeee!

LB said...

Never been out in the swamps on an airboat? What?!? Guess you didn't hang out with the white trash like I did...

CheekierMeSly said...

Well, Downtown, I only came to the Space Coast as a high school sophomore. Perhaps by then the cool kidz and white trash alike were "been there, done that" about the airboat thang. I really never heard tell of that pastime.

Even Otter recounted that while he'd been to the Fish Camp as an urchin, he didn't know they did airboat rides. Go figger.