12 June 2008

Happy Horse's Ass Day, CountryMouse!

So you're starting your forty-second year. Methinks this will be your best, CountryMouse. Everyone knows that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Will you share your sage wisdom?

Pid is counting down the days of his forty-second. Funny. He doesn't seem all that wise to me, 'ceptin' for the wiseass part.

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countrymouse said...

Hmmm, hearing you put it like that--that I'm beginning my 42nd year whem I'm still not used to the feel of '41' rolling around on my tongue--has me speechless.

42nd year . . . 42nd year . . . the only wisdom I have gained in my full 41 years here is that mom was, in fact, right.

Ask me in a year and maybe I'll have a better answer : )

p.s. It didn't escape my notice that you posted this at 7:42 am--very nice timing : )