04 June 2008

Come On, Get Higher

I haven't been able to get this tune outta my pointy head. I've been singing it as I drove all over Oahu, hummed it as I snorkled, whistled it in the parking garage.

It's taken me over. He's playing in Atlanta this month. May have to check that out.

Matt Nathanson, Come On, Get Higher


Anonymous said...

fyi...that isn't matt in that video.

CheekierMeSly said...

Nope. Sure isn't. Other YouTube action shows him - this is just a music video, those old school things that you rarely ever see on MTV anymore.

Anonymous said...

i just thought it odd to see this vid since there's a "real" one out there. based on your post, you haven't seen him live (yet), so i wasn't sure if you'd only heard him and thought he was the guy.