31 July 2007

Scott Adams: Jeanyus

From Scott Adam's Dilbert

It's not just Scott Adam's cartoons that have me going "Yes!". It's his blag too. And I know that just cuz I link to it n' stuff over on the NutRoll, you prolly haven't taken your slackass over there and read much of it.

To quote a song from Sunday night's concert: Shame On You!

Here's my July digest of favorite Dilbert Blog entries:

- How To Be Creative
- Writing Funny
- Career Advice (Read this one if you'll only read one, you slackassbastard!)
- And my favorite for the month: Immigration

Nope. Scott Adams doesn't completely suck.

The Indigo Girls, Shame On You

Today's What Is Sexy BIt (W.I.S.B.):
People who can mindf*ck you.

And I don't mean dirty talk. Rather, another's ability to engage you, turn you on with their words, their language (written or verbal), reflecting the path their pointy head takes in observation, thought, and expression. Adams does it for me frequently.

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