25 July 2007

Leo Horrorscope

From Darby Conley's Get Fuzzy

Can't allow as how I know any Leos. If'n you be one and find yourself a horse's ass, good on ya!


whitenoise said...

Both my boys have birthdays in early August. One turns 7, the other becomes a teenager.

In the name of serious, scientific research, I once read horoscopes a day late for a perioud of about two months. I concluded that these prognostications are pulled out of the butts of people in the throes of serious substance abuse issues... ;-)

The Imp ;-) said...

August 9th darlin'.

Sheena said...

SuperTallGirl is Aug 15

Robin said...

James is technically a Cancer, but he's but one day away from the 'ole Leo sign. When I read the Leo 'scope, oh boy is he a Leo.