03 July 2007

Happy Ass-Birthday, Sheena

Rumour (Canadian spelling) has it that Sheena had a birthday recently. What a fine piece of horse's ass! Hope it was a hoot and a holler.

Alphabet Alliteration on the Occasion of Sheena's Horse's Ass Day:


Adroit (ly adaptive)
Beguiling (ly brave)
Catalytic (ly convincing)
Devilish (ly druthered)
Erudite (ly expressive)
Foodilicious (ly fated)
Gracious (ly gifted)
Hellacious (ly honorable)
Inexorable (ly incisive)
Judicious (ly joyful)
Keen (ly kind)
Luminous (ly languid)
Musing (ly mysterious)
Naughty (ly nuanced)
Original (ly opinionated)
Pithy (ly plucky)
Querulous (ly querying)
Righteous (ly realistic)
Surprising (ly Sheena!)
Tenacious (ly talented)
Unsettling (ly understanding)
Vigorous (ly vervy)
Wholehearted (ly witty)
Yearning (ly youthful)
Zealous (ly zestful)

Today's What Is Sexy bits (W.I.S.B.s):
Sheena is sexy. Natch!


Sheena said...

See. Lookit my neck. I told you I was blue blooded.

Cheek, you and the Peach and Evita the girl dictator made my whole weekend. Thanks for coming up to the Great White North and celebrating Sheenada Day all weekend log.

Hope you weren't too traumatized by the shawarmas and Lucky Rons and lightbulbs.

The Imp ;-) said...

That's better than the only picture I ever took of Sheena.


CheekierMeSly said...

The shawarma was sexy. Lucky Ron was sexy. And the lightbulb was penultimately sexy - sparing you, of course.

Sheena said...

If you run into any problems with the new lightbulb, Cheek, just get up on a chair and make sure it's properly screwed in.

Just be careful of the hot tungsten.

CheekierMeSly said...

Sage advice. Spanks, Sheena.

Sheena said...

Oh! and don't forget that if it breaks off in the socket, you'll need a raw potato to remove it.

You're welcome.

sooey said...

You guys are flirtagious. I was making eyes at guys all over the place. I'm still doing it.