08 July 2007

Belated Beach Food

Beach food does not suck. At all. Belated pics posted below.

Fried scallops and onion rings - both recent firsts in the past year, for me. Quaffed with equal parts pink lemonade and Yuengling lager.

The food not taken . . . Boone's freshwater aquarium, keeping urchin Ethan bespelled.

Pippen's guilty Guinness pleasure:

Cheek's first Cuban pulled pork, courtesy of Food Glorious Food in Tallahassee.

Trout caught by burly, manly men. Battered in panko, Target brand Archer Farms tater chips of the black pepper and sea salt variety with sesame seed added, lightly fried in olive oil and topped with olive tapenade, served with green beans, pasta, and a summer salad of fresh greens, green apples, feta, and walnuts. Best meal of the week.

Beach nachos: sharp cheddar, olives, black beans, sliced grape tomatoes, cracked black pepper, grated Italian spices, more cheddar added on top. Spread over blue corn chips and baked at 375 for 10 minutes. Served over chopped romaine with salsa of choice and sour cream.

Summed up beach goodness - need to get me more of dis.

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