03 July 2007

More Guilty Pleasures

This song just came on my digital cable muzak station. Again. And e'y time I hear it, I'm struck by it. The sound is sexy. Her voice is sexy. And she's hot in this video.

I cannot explain why this is sexy. It just is.

Amy Winehouse, "You Know That I'm No Good"


Kristin said...

I am so glad you posted this! I keep hearing it on the radio but have never heard what it was called or who it was sung by (and sadly, I know nothing of Amy Winehouse other than I've seen you mention her before : ) Love, love, love this song!!!!!!!

whitenoise said...

Beat you by over two months here. ;-)

sooey said...

My daughter (the coolest 17-year-old on the planet) bought me the CD. I lurve it.