15 April 2008

Sheena's Style is Catching

It already seems too long ago that Sheena visited Hotlanta for Cheek's f*ck forty festivities. Supporting Sheena's thwarted Target fetish (they ain't got no Targets in Canuckland) yielded a Sheena-inspired decorative item now hanging chez Cheek:

Sheena traveled home with Sheena-themed containers scored by Cheek at Ikea; I wonder what's inside them now?

It's "Sheena" style that should be celebrated, never feared:

From Natalie Dee


Sheena said...


The little Sheena purses are filled with #1 travel jewelery; #2 more travel jewelery #3 umm... err... well... my boy scout homage.. I suppose...

Erin O'Brien said...

Sort of has an anti-cougar vibe to it. Me likey.