18 April 2008

April 19th is Record Store Day


Get your slackass out and support your local record store. Word!

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Whitenoise said...

I've been doing my part, but it's getting harder and harder to find the music I want. My favourite chain (Sam the Record Man) shut down. Two stores from another chain shut down in the local town. And, the remaining stores are carrying a poorer selection as they concentrate more on movies.

And, my sympathy is limited. These folks are reaping what they've sown. For years they gouged us with artificially high prices so of course the kids stopped buying music.

Had they targeted a smaller margin over a greater number of units, they would have made the same profits yet developed a collecting habit within the same kids who now frequent iTunes. Trying to appeal to people's charity isn't going to save them now. They need to find a way to give the people what they want at a price that people want to pay.