06 January 2008

Too many mutha uckers ucking with my shi

Allright, all you mutha uckers ucking with my shi. Stand down. Or I'll be the biggest ucking itch on yo' ss that you've ever ucking seen.

And while I'm at it, stop ucking with my peeps. Cause I'll uck you up big time. No shi.

Flight of the Conchords


Kalibitch said...

Baby, orget the bed, you need a new keyboard. Your "_" and "_" are maluncioning and hose are such CRIICAL leers.

oh uck - the word veriicaion won' le me key in because is all _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _

Rett said...

noticed that the fly ucker in the denim jacket is the crazy astard that was the Outback Steakhouse guy a while back!