12 January 2008

Horse's Ass

Spanks to CountryMouse for this.

F*ck forty!


Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you!!!! Loving the straight hair look.

Jesse Wilkins said...

Happy 40th?! I hope ya spent it sky-diving, or fire-walking, or something totally crazy. And I'm gonna taunt you a second time when I see ya at AIIM. :D

All the best,


The Imp ;-) said...

Happy B-Day!

countrymouse said...

Hey! (not *just* for horses ; ) Have a fabulous birthday weekend! Celebrate the hell out of it! And embrace it, because if there's one thing I've learned about being 40? It's just a freaking stepping stone to 41 . . . .

Bacon laced birthday wishes : )

Kalibitch said...

Happy belated Cheeky.
And why the fuck should anyone act a prescribed age? Makes no damn sense to me.

Whitenoise said...

Hey, should we expect your next post circa jan 12/09 ? ;-)

Happy V-day, Cheek.