13 November 2007

The Point of Life (for Men)

From Stephan Pastis' Pearls Before Swine

Was there ever any doubt? And yes, Pid. You're welcome. I know you're all validated 'n' stuff.


Pid said...

Huh. One rarely sees "meet" used as a euphemism for "have carnal relations with".

Pid said...

What do you suppose Pastis is trying to say by putting glasses on the (apparently male) brain? Harrumph.

countrymouse said...

Mr. Pid, I respectfully (or something) beg to disagree. In the male lexicon, isn't "have carnal relations with" the literal definition of "meet"?

pid said...

No way! In conversations amongst The Guys, no one would ever say they have "met" someone if they meant that they have "had carnal relations with" that person.

Y'all just don't understand us at all!