26 October 2007

It is, after all, the answer to most questions

From Darby Conley's Get Fuzzy

Sheena arrives tonight!

From Married to the Sea


countrymouse said...

I hope your Sheena visit cheers you up a bit!

Eat good stuff. And report. With photos. That others may live vicariously through your taste buds : )

Sheena said...

Sitting at the Orlando Airport fidgeting impatiently but trying very hard not to toe-tap lest I be arrested for bathroom sex solicitation.

evita said...

evita says have fun ladies, wish I was there

Anonymous said...

Hope I get to meet Sheena someday, maybe in Canada? I would like to go there.

Carolina Mom

Sheena said...

Oh! and Sheena would be so honoured withaU to meet any of Cheek's family guys.

Sheena said...

Comfy bed, Cheek. What are you cooking me for breakfast?