30 October 2007

The Great Pumpkin *does* exist, Charlie Brown!

From Tony Carillo's F Minus

If you don't know about the Great Pumpkin, shame on you!

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whitenoise said...

It's interesting hearing jealous comments from bloggers in the UK or Aus... It underscores just how big Hallowe'en has become here in NA.

To my mind, Christmas is too exclusive. You lock yourself in with family and friends and follow the script, whether you're a religious person or not.

Hallowe'en is about strangers, about fantasy, and getting out of your shell and being something or somebody else. It's a holiday that not only allows imagination, it encourages creative thinking. Where most holidays are introverted and reflective, Hallowe'en is extroverted and adventurous.

...until your house gets egged. Then it kinda sucks.