08 January 2007

What Happens in the Basket, Stays in the Basket

Used to only have one varmint that jonesed for naps in the clean clothes basket on the dryer. The leg sticking out identifies Stuey as the malkin whose habit led to injury. Leaping up once, he tore his ACL *and* his PCL, leading to his second knee surgery (tore ACL on his other knee in a flying leap off a bathroom counter). Add a surgery for a growth on his paw, and Stuey is one pricey critter.

New abode has no door on the laundry room, so a chair is a permanent fixture to support the Stouchebag's penchant. Bastard went and shared his bad habit with his brother Oscar this weekend. Perhaps it was only a matter of time, as Oscar is a container ho.

Urchin Nougat discovered the boys in their shared nap container during her visit chez Cheek to lend painting assistance. Two drab bathrooms no longer completely suck, in Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. Paid her an hourly wage equivalent in Sephora dollars - teenagers are so easy to please!

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