02 January 2007

Any on your list?

They may channel those of a 7 year boy, but they're worthy resolutions. Seem simple? Nigh on impossible to an urchin. From Robbie Schaefer's "Resolution Song" on his new release Songs for Kids Like Us.

I will finish all my home work, I’ll even do the math
I’ll stop throwing kitty cat in the bubble bath
I won’t stick peanuts up inside my nose
And blow them out to see just how far each one can go
And I won’t lock the babysitter out of the house
And climb up on the roof and pretend I’m Mighty Mouse
And I won’t take my hamster, the roof is way too high
I won’t put a cape on him to see if he can fly

I will be more patient, I won’t hit my sister
‘Cuz she’s really not that bad, one time I almost kissed her
I won’t put toothpaste into her pajamas
‘Specially cuz that one time, turned out they were mama’s
I won’t let my action figures swim in the toilet
They really love to do that, I’m gonna have to spoil it

I will eat more broccoli, I won’t hit my brother
I’ll drink less soda pop and listen to my mother
I’ll be a better friend, I will always try to share
I’ll be a better kid, now I swear I swear I swear

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