05 November 2006


Something I read a couple of weeks ago has stuck with me. A German man “freed” in 1992 from his prison term for a murder sentence refuses to leave the joint. Seems rules there say he doesn’t have to leave if he doesn’t wanna.

What is up with that?

Is change so bad, so much to be afraid of, that being locked up is better? Is accountability and living your life based on your own choices more heinous?

And Heinous Bienfang, where are you?

Changes a’plenty have been on tap in CheekDom. Personal, professional, abode. Balking was indeed my first response to each of these changes, but the rightness of them made themselves evident. Eventually. Perhaps my resources aren’t as stretched as Prisoner Heinous, as I have friends, countrymen, furriners, and family (you know who you are) with which to discuss and touch and know migrations, evolutions, and conclusions. Those without such resources are … outlaws, I suppose.

Heinous, there’s beauty in the breakdown. Count some crows, let go of your murder of one, and fly. Purposefully seek happiness with reason as your absolute. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Sheena said...

Ah Cheeky,
At what point does one quit resisting the change and embrace the tide?

CheekierMeSly said...

Let go, Sheena. Jump in, it's so amazing, yeah. Let 'em in on your secret heart. Join 'em. Suddenly, you'll see, it's what you want to be.

Anonymous said...

My goodness,how you've groan.Cheeky yes? I'm practicing my typing,(and) getting inside your mind.I saw a card today.you will like.(DAMN CAPS) It says, here's what it says,"So you think this card is late? Well, let me tell you something-- I don't follow rules and schedules any more.I celebrate when I want ,where I want. I've changed my name to "Coyote." I am wild. I am free. I am Coyote.

f.gigantic said...

Heinous Bienfang is in exile.