28 September 2006

Kernan the Grammarian

Some old dish: I'm an FSU grad. And a big college sports fan, albeit not in favor of FSU football. My passion was ACC basketball, and as my last semester was FSU's first in the ACC, I unabashedly cheered on every opposing team. Go 'Heels!

Was an English major at aforementioned "institution". Years later, was dubbed a Grammarian by a beer fairy, and yes, I resemble that remark. Last week, my alma mater solicited funds under the guise of pride. Those lame bastards aren't getting one red cent outta me. Why? Kernan's pet peeve, that's why. See below. If you can't figger out what's wrong with this picture below, you suck. Mebbe not completely, nor as much as FSU does, but you suck nonetheless.

The English department should serve as editorial review staff for outward bound communications, methinks. Or is this an overreaction as a Grammarian? After all, who needs Two Weeks Notice, or Eats, Shoots and Leaves? Be careful about seeking out they're form of education for you're learning. Supposably their folks get it right most of the time, irregardless of the occasional mistake or three.

Grrrr. Aaaack! Thhpptt!


Sheena said...

I feel your pain.

Click here...As my alma mater would say: Education is a Priviledge

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, and though I was always pretty good in English, I neither majored nor minored in it.

I reckon this is the kinda edu-ma-cation level ya gets in the good ole US of A with re-publicans in charge for so much of the last two and a half decades.


P.S. What pisses me off even more than the "it's" confusion is the even simpler "your" confusion, such as: "Your really hot!"

Our government may push around the Brits, but at least the Brits are bright enough to know their native language.

Jesse Wilkins said...

God bless Bill the cat. :D

michaelo said...

Fkn A! Ms. K.

I'm loving me some good grammar.

She blogs! Who knew? Linkage will be forthcoming.

Erin O'Brien said...