09 June 2006

Välkommen from Sweden!

Well, we started out fresh. Freshly showered, a fresh repast, and connections begun. We wung ourselves eastward to Scandinavia for a familial trek to Sodertalje, Sweden. Plane to Stockholm was diverted 250 km southwest due to air traffic control system failure, but a few hours, another flight, some trains and automobile, and my own handsome Swede sherpa'd us into lodgings and the rendez-vous with famdamily. Light knoshing at the local Australian pub, and sleep. Today we sojourned about the town, haunting the hometown of Bjorn Borg and the Swede's father, visiting festival grounds, observing Swedish fowl

and foul Swedes all about the village - albeit, high school grads celebrating, so we gave 'em some slack. Grub at a Croation-owned pub, where English was short on the menu, but World Cup action in large relief. Twilight on the Swede at 10 pm finds us saying hey da for now.


Anonymous said...

Oymagod Aye forgot yerwuz gwango! Gladja maydit fyne-tho gudjob, eh. Keep daphotos coming, ja? Hejdo an'junk. -Craig

Translation said...

Oh my god I forgot you were going (so soon)! Glad you made it fine, though. Goodjob. Keep the photos coming, yes? Skohl. -Craig

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the trip over wasn't too bad. Bring back some 'dem 'dehr Sveedish meatballs, but no goats balls please.